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  1. Small Wall Clock

    Small Wall Clock

    Regular Price: $44.00

    Special Price $40.00

    This clock will be made in small quantities, so order while you can. The design is bright and fun...
  2. Lamb Brooch  pin

    Lamb Brooch pin

    Bobo is a little baa-lamb that lives on you soft scarf. He is very shy, but he always dreams abou...
  3. Pink Cupcake Ring

    Pink Cupcake Ring

    Lovely cocktail ring in soft shades of blue color. It features original shot of russian artist Ta...
  4. Green  Rustic jewelry

    Green Rustic jewelry

    Regular Price: $423.45

    Special Price $325.00

    Stylish handmade ring with a small print of leaf texture in antique brass setting. For crea...
  5. Purple Cocktail Ring

    Purple Cocktail Ring

    Delicate yet bright ring with a print of real purple ranunculus petal in a beautiful antique silv...
  6. Red Rose ring

    Red Rose ring

    Gorgeous ring with a print of Red rose petal. For creating this collection we collected rea...
  7. Unique Wall Clock

    Unique Wall Clock

    Regular Price: $144.00

    Special Price $42.00

    This unique wall clock is covered in different and unique map and earth designs. Each design is c...
  8. Retro gold glitter clock

    Retro gold glitter clock

    Regular Price: $165.00

    Special Price $162.00

    This retro gold glitter clock is nothing less than cool. If minimalism with a little sparkle is y...
  9. Eos Lobortis

    Eos Lobortis

    Donec eleifend suscipit dui, sit amet tempor velit egestas quis. Aliquam vitae erat urna. Ut vitae e...
  10. Bear and Forest Stickers

    Bear and Forest Stickers

    Bear and Forest' Stickers Set Assorted trees and growling bear stickers, perfect to decor...

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